Friday, 11 October 2013

Thank You Helen Fielding

Strange things are afoot.  Whilst Mad About the Boy is one of my own personal favourite books, it has never been a big seller for me. I’m not sure why, the premise is interesting – Hollywood star with a big secret recounts her life to a journalist, highlighting all her ups and downs and scandals. But it’s not resonated with readers for some reason.  So, seeing as I have books to spare and MATB is five years old, I decided to make it a freebie via Smashwords, which means as we speak it’s becoming free on Barnes and Nobile, iTunes, Kobo, Sony etc. But never on Kindle. Amazon rarely ever follow the example of other sites and make books free, or if they do, it’s for a short time, which means my sales on Amazon always lag behind other sites.
But I’ve noticed in the UK sales of MATB have started to occur on Amazon and I wasn’t sure why. I haven’t promoted it in any way and it’s not part of a series. So I went onto and noticed that when people have been looking at my Mad About the Boy. They have also been looking at the latest Bridget Jones book. So obviously, they have been typing in the name and mine has come up in the results and they like what they read and are buying it.

Now I’m not advocating copying the titles of other famous books in order to sell your own – after all, I have a clear conscience, I wrote my book first. But I’m not complaining, especially as I am working on my next novel entitled The Da Vinci Code.*
In other news, for those of you who love reality TV, I will be writing a weekly X-Factor blog for Tomorrow’s News. I was hoping to go and review The Fifth Estate for them today, but as I’ve had a bad fall and have busted my left ankle, I can’t walk very far and a trip to the cinema is out of the question.  I am gutted about this; my dream job would be spending my days reviewing Benedict Cumberbatch films! ***

Finally, as advertised on my website, The Lucky Ones - book four in the Never Forget series, is released on Monday 25th November.  Book Five is forming in my head, but of course I can’t reveal anything about that now. I’m a bit concerned that there are parts of The Lucky Ones that reminds me of a Jackie Collins and I do wonder what has happened as I used to be compared to Catherine Cookson! I guess I’m the writing equivalent of Oasis. I’m an amalgam of loads of great artists, but just not quite as good!**
**Another joke – sort of
*** Definitely not a joke – I would do that job for free

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